Wings Of Love Foundation

Wings Of Love is a 501c3 Charitable Organization was founded  in 1993 by Regina Levy Cussell. The foundation assists displaced animals, their rescuers, and their caretakers.


Our Mission:

  • to provide a safe refuge for captive parrots which become displaced or when owners can no longer care for them.
  • to provide support for any other animal that might need our help.

The foundation partnered with Monkey Jungle to build 6 free flight geodesic domes for displaced parrots.  The parrots can be seen in these domes during a visit to Monkey Jungle. This dome is 50 feet in diameter and allows the parrots to fly and live in an environment as close to natural as possible.


To see art work sold to help fund the animals go to my Etsy store MyBlueCottageCrafts.

The foundation also sells wheatgrass, water filtration systems as well as other products to help promote a healthy and sustainable way of being while providing funding for rescued birds/animals. Call 305 246 LOVE or email Regina at for info on wheatgrass and other items.