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.My Best Horse                                                                                                                                                  Provides specialized equine supplements at an affordable price. I purchase my spirulina, chondroitin from My Best Horse.

California Trace                                                                                                                                                Provides concentrated trace mineral supplements for all equines. I give my horses California Trace to insure they are getting the trace minerals lacking in my hay (mostly copper and zinc).

Balanced Equine Nutrition and Hoof Care                                                                                                  Provides information/consultations on equine nutrition balanced for what a horse really needs and hoof care.

The International Blessed Brood Mare project                                                                                      An international organization that works to save horses. Please donate. This group helped save Duck, Connie, Ice, Fordie, Marvin, Dalton, Biscuit, Cody, Bolero and many others.

Another Perfect Horse
Natural Horsemanship training…the best ever. 10% of the lesson cost will be donated to help horses when you mention you were refered by this site.

Dr Juliet Getty, equine nutrition. For information on how to feed a horse like a horse.

Dr Eleanor Kellon, equine nutrition. For information on nutrition, Cushings disease, insulin resistance, hay balancing and much more.

Pete Ramey For what is new in hoof rehab and information on hoof care.

K.C. LaPierre For information on applied equine podiatry

Green Horse Organics I go out of my way to avoid adding toxins to the environment. I like to use natural products as much as possible. I use the fly spray and Nature’s Gold – Skin Doctor products from this company and recommend them.

N.A.G. Bags. I use these slow feeder bags to make sure my horses have access to forage all day long. They are strong, well made, and long lasting. Shadow has stomped on them, dragged them through mud and rocks and with one rinse they look new again.

The Animali Farm A 501c3 organization helping save PMU Mares from slaughter (This rescue with the help of TIBBP, helped save Duck, Connie, Ice, Fordie, Marvin, Dalton, Biscuit, Cody, Bolero and many more.

The Horse Fund Promotes the health, safety and welfare of equines both domestic and in the wild.

Terry Mulrooney Studios
Terry Mulrooney..watercolorist..portraits, still life, landscapes, commission work. 10% of any sale which is a referred by my site will be donated to help horses.

Resin By Randy Beautiful model horses by Deb and Randy. Deb is founder of TIBBP

Wings Of Love
Parrot and other animal rescue. Please donate.


Cassidy April and Becca PMU Mare and her foal. Great blog for all animal lovers
Natty, Chance, and Nikki PMU Mares and much more

The Soul of a Horse and Joe Camp. If you want to learn how to form a relationship, feed, care for a horse..check out this blog.

The Naturally Healthy Horse Everything and anything you want to know about Natural Horse Care.

 Maynard Wells Stables The story of Grace and more