Ace in his new bitless bridle

This is Ace in his new Cook’s Bitless Bridle. So far he seems comfortable, responsive, and very focused on me. He is spot on with his groundwork and we will see how it works from the saddle this week. He will stop and back with verbal cues just as fast as he does with light pressure on the reins. I was putting the hay in the slow feeders the other day and he walked up to me. I had hay in my arms and I told him “back” and he took two steps back, away from me and the hay. Bragging….you bet I am.

We still have a lot to learn. He is so much further ahead of me but I will catch up. He stands at liberty for me to work on his feet, He follows at liberty too but we need to work a little on my personal space. He just has to understand how close he can get without an invitation to come closer. He is a fast learner. I just have to get better at making things easy for him to understand.

Everyday he impresses me with his willingness and ability to understand what I want….in spite of my lack of knowledge and fact that I still am working to learn how to help him.

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