About Art & Animals

Hello! My name is Susan Boyd.  My animals and I are located in Florida’s Everglades just west of Miami. Our “family” is a collection of stray, abandoned, abused, rescued animals and me. There are several dogs, cats, birds, horses, and a pig or two. Several years ago an injured, emaciated horse showed up on the property. I named her Dreamer and had hopes that she could be rehabilitated. We tried for 6 months to save her. She gave it a good try but in the end could not overcome the injuries and abuse she had received before she came to me. I needed to know that this had happened for a reason and that Dreamers time here meant something. I decided to volunteer at the local SPCA taking care of horses. After I had been there for some time I decided to adopt a horse of my own.  These are the horses that have come to live with me. I created Art & Animals to share information with other horse owners and to sell my art which helps feed and care for them and the other strays that have made my little farm with big dreams their home. I donate a portion of the profits to help save horses from slaughter. I am a board member of Wings Of Love Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization for displaced birds/animals

The Horses…viewing clockwise

Ice is a Percheron Mare, Shadow is a Morgan Gelding, Dalton is a Shire Cross Gelding,            Bolero is a Quarter Horse Gelding, Vanessa is a Paso Fino Mare, and Swani is a Spotted Mountain Horse Mare.
That is me with Ice and Dalton.



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